Proper Piano Storage

Despite the fact that we are hesitating to encourage piano storage Roseville rather than piano playing, we realize that there might be a time in your life when there's no other choice you have. Obviously, it is best to ask a family member or friend who may enjoy playing it to store your piano. But if that isn't an option, try to learn some other steps on how to store the piano without causing damage to this precious instrument and to why you must be concerned anyhow.

How storage may cause harm?

If you have bought a piano before, you might know already that you have to keep it in ideal temperature as well as relative humidity level of at least 42 percent in order to maintain its condition and value. you also have to keep it away from vents, direct sunlight, windows, outside walls or fireplaces where it'll endure extreme swings in humidity or temperature.

Shrinking and swelling of the piano's soundboard is the immediate and noticeable effect of change in humidity according to piano experts. But several other damages that can take place may make the piano to go out of tune sooner, the wool cloth in piano action might deteriorate, hardwoods may warp and the piano's finish may diminish.

Needless to say, damage from extreme temperatures or humidity can cause impact to the value and life of piano. Granted that these conditions might not impact digital pianos like the most popular models as most do not often have the same wooden parts as what acoustic pianos have. However, humidity still can wreak havoc on the electrical instrument too.

Preferably, look for a piano storage Land Park facility that's offering temperature and humidity control all year round and keeping dust to minimum. Obviously, the floor must never let the water leakage but has to provide a level surface. If you ever have to pick between a cooler or warmer place, it is ideal to opt in the former. However, you shouldn't move the piano suddenly that has been kept in an unheated or damp areas for years to a heated and dry area. This may make the piano to quickly deteriorate.

Regardless if you are storing the piano in your house or in a piano storage facility, it has to be cleaned and polished thoroughly, keys are covered with a cloth and close the lid to be able to keep the dust out, put the blankets around the piano to protect it during the move, place a protective cover over the entire piano and such.